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  Health & Pharmaceutical
Health products and research has always been of at most important to human being and human development right from where the history of human kind began. MGPL provides and covers all the range of health equipments, solutions etc.
  Safety & Fire Fighting Equipments
We at MGPL has group of experienced safety professionals, We have identified specific areas in which design and manufacturing standards of Personal Protective Industrial Safety Equipment could be upgraded.

  Workshop Equipment
Workshops equipments is one of our major equipment supplying category. When it comes to Workshop Equipment, MGPL is simply the best We have worked closely with our suppliers to ensure that we supply highest quality range of workshop equipments while still making sure they are competitively priced.
  Power & Electricity
Electricity is one of the most vital infrastructure inputs for economic development of a country.

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Our Team
  We at MGPL have group of professionals to serve diverse markets with different...
  For a rapidly progressing organisation such as MGPL, there is always room for outstanding professionals
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  Quality Management System Certificate
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